Maningi Metals is a top scrap metal recycling company servicing the greater Gauteng region.

Franck Engelbrecht has many years of experience in the scrap metal recycling industry. Maningi Metals will place a skip onsite within 8 hours, You fill it, we collect it and weigh it. We pay immediately in cash or by EFT. Maningi Metals provides salvage services and do cutting onsite. Maningi Metals also want to improve our environment and the well being of future generations and is therefore Pro E-Waste recycling, anything that is obsolete or no longer works that has and electric cord connected to it is E-waste. Lets all do our bit to recycle what is no longer serving a useful purpose. We collect from companies and have drop off point for the general public at our Head Office in Marlboro, Sandton, or in Johannesburg CBD and in Krugersdorp, Chamdor on the West Rand.

Maningi Metals recycles all Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scrap metals

Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Iron, Lead, Mild Steel and Zinc

Aluminium such as window frames and beverage cans. If you are a plumber or electrician you need to talk to us. For fabricators and engineering companies, we place skips Onsite.
We provide salvage services to developers and industrial factories and do Onsite cutting.
HEAD OFFICE IN MARLBORO SANDTON, Call Frank on 011 555 1900 or 082 456 7132 for more information.

E-Waste recycling services

Any broken or obsolete electrical appliace or device is worth CASH

All Electronic devices like computers, TV's cell phones etc Dead Batteries are of no use to you but are still worth CASH.
Obsolete or broken appliances, whether it is a TV or a washing machine, A microwave Oven or a Toaster it is still worth CASH. Blown Office equipment like computers, printers have a given life-cycle before becoming obsolete, Maningi Metals pays CASH Tradesmen: We buy Air-conditioners, any kind of cable, copper tubing and blown geysers for CASH

Our Representative would like to make an appointment to discuss our recycling services we can priovide your business with.

Engineering Companies, Fabricators, Industrial and Mechanical service companies, Auto Scrapyards, Plumbers, electricians and Artisans

We place skips onsite within 8 hours. You fill them and we will collect them, weigh them and pay you in Cash or by EFT.